Everest Training Industry Conference 2022

19th - 20th October 2022

The free virtual summit for training professionals

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Everest is the annual training industry conference hosted by accessplanit.

It's grown exponentially in size over the past 4 years, as training professionals look to get ahead of the curve and gain unique insight from training industry experts.

A host of virtual events will run from 2pm - 5pm BST over the two days. You will receive recordings following the event and gain instant access to all material from the talks.

Everest is designed to help training teams make sense of an ever-changing landscape, and equip you with the knowledge and data to become successful in your training strategy and delivery.

Register today to guarantee your spot at this increasingly popular training industry event.

Event schedule


Wednesday 19th October

Day 1 | The Climb | Focus: Growing your training business

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2pm: Conference Kick-off: The Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022


Everest 2022 kicks off with an introduction from the accessplanit team with key findings from our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022!

2.30pm: Scaling a training business: How to generate consistent leads and enquiries

Jonathan Finch, Big Presence

In this interactive session, Jonathan will give you a guided tour of  lead generation plans that deliver results and keep pipelines fuelled to grow. This session will be tailored to training and development organisations, but will be relevant to anyone in the B2B space. 

Topics include:
- Push and pull lead gen: The keys to a successful long term strategy
- How to design a funnel that won’t break the marketing budget
- Growing your funnel and planning for success
- Automation VS personalisation – How and when you use each as part of your funnel

3.30pm: How to grow your training business through social media

Matt George, MTG Digital

Matt will be running an engaging session on how to grow your training business through social media which will explore:

- How social media has a huge impact on course and product promotion
- Finding out what platform will give you the best ROI
- Creating eye catching ads and posts using free applications and tools

4.10pm: Pricing: How to set the price of your training courses

Doug Marshall, Achieve B2B Marketing

Setting prices well is a huge opportunity - Doug Marshall will be hosting a session on strategic price setting for your training business. We're looking forward to hearing his expert insight into pricing for enterprise deals, common pricing mistakes, testing prices, and establishing value.


Thursday 20th October

Day 2 | The Summit | Focus: Effective training delivery

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2pm: What do learners really want?


We'll be kicking off day 2 with an in-depth look into learner feedback and trends from our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022.

2.20pm: Learning Impact: How to get the most from your training

Mathew Bewley

Matt will be running an engaging session on Learning Impact, which will explore:

- The importance of client/trainer engagement in the development of training
- The different ways organisations can measure learning impact
- How to demonstrate return on investment

3.15pm: Successfully facilitating live mixed learning

Diana L. Howles, Howles Associates

As a result of the pandemic, most organizations pivoted from traditional in-person training to fully virtual training programs for employees.

As staff have returned to the workplace, a live mix of both in-person and virtual learners together has risen in popularity by necessity. Hybrid learning is the live mix of both on-site and online learners sharing a concurrent learning space. Training practitioners may have limited experience and will benefit from learning how to do it well.

Come learn strategies that are experience and evidence based. Attendees will be equipped to apply these strategies to support meaningful and impactful live mixed learning programs. 



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