Webinar: Why Company Culture Has Never Been So Important

Small businesses have had to navigate incredible challenges throughout the pandemic.

Despite these difficult times, peoples’ resilience has been remarkable with their efforts to pull together being key to helping businesses weather the storm and come back stronger.

Jonathan Richards, CEO of BreatheHR, alongside Hannah Churchman, MD of accessplanit, discuss how to build a progressive culture that brings out the best in your people.

In this webinar session, Hannah and Jonathan discuss the following:

  • What is a toxic workplace culture?
  • How do we define company culture?
  • How can leadership help create company culture?
  • How can we redefine our values?
  • How can we bring company values to life?
  • How can we support the well-being of our team?
  • How does L&D feed in to company culture?
  • How can we demonstrate culture in recruitment?
  • What single piece of advice can help us create a great company culture?
  • How can we keep culture alive remotely?
  • How can we change a company culture that's fully remote?

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