6 Reasons To Incorporate Mobile Into Your L&D Strategy

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We are steadily shifting to a nation of predominantly mobile users and it is refusing to slow down. More than 7 times the amount of mobile devices than PC’s are expected to be purchased this year. So why not utilise this in your learning strategy?

Taking a closer look at mLearning

1. Right time, right place  

Mobile phones and tablets probably provide the most flexible and accessible platform possible, providing learners with the option to access their course materials anywhere, anytime using an online user portal.  This is a sure fire way to increase engagement.

2. Instant results

Mobile technology can take the pain out of change.  This is particularly useful for organisations that need to distribute information quickly and have employees in multiple locations.  Factor in time differences and you can see why mLearning is such a winner.

3. Little and often 

Time is our greatest enemy and most people struggle to put aside a portion of their day to commit to training.  Easy access to mLearning removes this problem and creates a little but often learning environment, providing employees with bite size chunks of knowledge.

4. Improved corporate learning

The benefits of eLearning are well documented, and of course mLearning provides the same benefits on a larger scale.  If eLearning saves costs, then multiply this for mLearning!

5. It’s in their hands 

mLearning is a great option for training companies and Learning and Development departments alike. It provides the ability for employees or delegates to have knowledge in their hands, take ownership and have a flexible approach to learning.  

6.  Integration

Mobile technology is constantly evolving and the boundaries between work and social merging.  Technology such as QR codes and gamification developed for one purpose are finding new homes in the workplace and commercial markets.   

To learn more about introducing mLearning using a training management system check out our mobile responsive user portal.

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