How To Improve Cross Channel Customer Service | Infographic


Cross channel communication can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Which communication mediums should you be using to provide the highest quality of customer service and more importantly which methods do customers prefer to use? This infographic created by Talkdesk takes a look at some best practice tips for boosting customer service across different channels including telephone, social media and online support. 

Did you know that 91% of executives want to be considered a customer experience leader in their industry, yet only 37% of them have a formal customer experience plan? Crazy, right? 

So what can you do differently?

This infographic, created by Talkdesk outlines some best practices for boosting customer service across different channels throughout your organisation. 


I think the infographic speaks for itself! If you are looking for a software company with a unique customer service philosophy download free 'Driving Success' brochure.

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