Here's what you missed at Everest Training Industry Conference 2022!

We had a great time at our annual Everest Training Industry Conference 2022!

We hope you managed to join us for the sessions last week and came away from lots of actionable insight from our expert speakers.

If you didn't manage to join us, here's what you missed:

Wednesday 19th October

Day 1 | The Climb | Focus: Growing your training business

Conference kick-off: The Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022

Louis Parsloe, accessplanit

Everest 2022 kicked off with an introduction from accessplanit, with key findings from our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022.

Our key takeaway:

  • The Training Industry Benchmark Report showed us that social media is still the top choice for training providers promoting courses with almost 90% of providers surveyed using LinkedIn as a major marketing channel.

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Scaling a training business: How to generate consistent leads and enquiries

Jonathan Finch, Big Presence

In this interactive session, Jonathan gave us a guided tour of lead generation plans that deliver results and keep pipelines fuelled to grow. Topics included push and pull lead gen, designing your marketing funnel, and automation vs personalisation.

Our key takeaway:

  • We'll be using Big Presence's 5-step model for using LinkedIn more effectively for sales.
  • Reframe a sales demo to something more casual, such as a "Zoom brew" - it'll make your potential customer more at ease and open to discussion!

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How to grow your training business through social media

Matt George, MTG Digital

Matt ran an engaging session on how to grow your training business through social media which explored the impact of social media on course promotion, how to find the platform that will give you the best ROI, and how to create eye-catching ads.

Our key takeaways:

  • Matt shared that 77.9% of the UK are social media users.
  • Understanding your target market is crucial when it comes to choosing which social media platforms to invest in getting the best ROI!

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Pricing: How to set the price of your training courses

Doug Marshall, Achieve B2B Marketing

Doug Marshall hosted a session on strategic price setting for your training business. We heard his expert insight into pricing for enterprise deals, common pricing mistakes, testing prices, and establishing value.

Our key takeaways:

  • Pricing is more about value than cost.
  • Ensure you understand your value proposition and what motivates your customers before setting your pricing to ensure that you don’t under or oversell your services.

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Thursday 20th October
Day 2 | The Summit | Focus: Effective training delivery

What do learners really want?

Louis Parsloe, accessplanit

We kicked off day 2 with an in-depth look into learner feedback and trends from our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2022.

Our key takeaway:

  • According to our Training Industry Benchmark Report, both training providers and learners still want instructor-led training (ILT) whether it be in person or virtual.

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Learning Impact: How to get the most from your training

Mat Bewley, 3B Training

Matt ran an engaging session on Learning Impact, which explored:

  • The importance of client/trainer engagement in the development of training
  • The different ways organisations can measure learning impact
  • How to demonstrate return on investment

Our key takeaways:

  • Training program design often fails to include assessing learning impact, which is one of the most important metrics for training success.
  • If training providers are able to demonstrate learning impact to their clients this can give them a competitive edge.

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Successfully facilitating live mixed learning

Diana L. Howles, Howles Associates

As a result of the pandemic, most organisations pivoted from traditional in-person training to fully virtual training programs for employees. As staff have returned to the workplace, a live mix of both in-person and virtual learners together has risen in popularity by necessity. Hybrid learning is the live mix of both on-site and online learners sharing a concurrent learning space.

We learnt strategies that are experience and evidence based. Diana equipped us to apply these strategies to support meaningful and impactful live mixed learning programs.

Our key takeaways:

  • We learnt all of the different variations of live mixed learning and how to deliver them effectively.
  • For example, when delivering a session where you have both in-person and virtual attendance, ensure that you have a co-facilitator at each venue to ensure that things run smoothly and delegates remain engaged.

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