How Does Training Automation Benefit Your IT Team?


Think of any business critical purchase or organisational change and there will be many different participants involved who all hold very different priorities. The same applies for the adoption of a training management system or LMS and on a large scale as it affects and provides benefits for so many different parts of an organisation. This post explore the benefits and concerns of software from an IT perspective. 

The Technical Team are all about the detail. They want to ensure that what their organisation will be embedding is going to be robust, secure, and high quality and they are the right people to establish if that is the case. 

Areas of concern for the IT Manager include:

  • What is the average server uptime?
  • What security protection does the supplier offer?
  • What is the average server load time?
  • Will your emails be delivered safely?
  • Can payments be processed securely?
  • Does the supplier have a data back-up plan?
  • Is the supplier accredited to ISO 27001?

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There are benefits of adopting an automated training system to all departments throughout an organisation. The eBook includes the areas below:

Key stakeholders within an organisation

This blog post explores some of the key benefits for the IT team taken from the eBook in detail.

3 key benefits for the Tech and IT teams

1. Data security and integrity

All companies hold confidential data; not all companies hold confidential data correctly. As an IT Manager, security and integrity are at the forefront of your mind.

These days, data security dominates the news. Data integrity, too, is a serious issue. 

In both instances, an automated TMS offers several key advantages. For example, the ability for users to input data only once and have that data transferred across the entire system prevents the need to roll back the system should informational errors occur. If your company has different tiers of access, you’ll gain total control over who can access that information – which is a lot more secure than simply password-protecting documents.

Some of the best SaaS suppliers are ISO 27001 compliant. ISO 27001  regulates how your supplier manages information security and keeps your data secure – so if IT security is vital to your

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2. Hassle free maintenance 

In this day and age, most software is deployed on the cloud. This provides access for SaaS suppliers to reguarly provide functionality and maintence updates. And, this is all included in your subscription package.

Maintenance-free – the two words that will excite any IT manager.

3. A scalable solution

Perhaps the biggest consideration when switching to a fully automated learning or training management system is scalability. Investing in software is a lot like buying a house – i.e. it needs to fit your requirements over an extended period of time.

Sofwtare needs to offer opportunities to grow and develop your company, and while some systems aren’t designed to expand as you do, others actively prevent business growth. If you can present an option that is fully scalable, you’re much more likely to gain that all-important buy-in at senior level.

Naturally, from an IT perspective, you’re going to be focused on how robust the system is; what future-proofing is in place; is it adaptable over the long-term? 

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ROI gains

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