Training Professionals: 10 Blog Posts From 2018 That You Don't Want To Miss

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2018 has been a great year at accessplanit, especially for content (if we do say so ourselves)! Here's a round up of our top blog posts that you really don't want to miss that will support you on your mission to grow your training business. 

10 Blog Posts From 2018 That You Can't Miss

The Training Professional's Guide For a Successful 2019

In our training industry survey, training professionals from a wide range of industries identified 4 common challenges that are holding them back from success. This blog post focuses on these 4 areas to provide a comprehensive planning guide for a successful 2019:

  1. Understanding your customer 
  2. Utilising digital marketing tools 
  3. Identifying bottlenecks in your processes
  4. Eliminating unnecessary costs 

Read the blog post here.

Using Instagram To Grow Your Training Business & Promote Events [With Examples]

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular not only amongst fashion influencers and travellers but as a marketing medium that all businesses should be considering. Instagram provides an edge compared to other social channels as it allows you to  make real connections with your customer base as well as standing out from your competitors. The ultimate goal? To grow your business. 

This blog post provides insights into developing a social strategy, utilising Instagram for your training business and tips on how to run your Instagram account using real-world examples from a range of training businesses, 

Read the blog post here.

6 Essential Metrics You Need to Track to Grow Your Training Business

Data is everywhere but, are training businesses making the best use of it? This blog explores the 6 metrics you need to measure to grow your training operations and increase your revenue:

  1. Training take-up
  2. Skills application
  3. Delegate satisfaction
  4. Marketing data
  5. Workplace efficiencies
  6. ROI 

Read the blog post here. 

Online VS Classroom Learning: What The Experts Say

Online or classroom? The enduring learning debate. It’s sometimes hard to break a habit, especially if it feels like it’s working for you. However, keeping up with trends in learning could be the way forward for many training companies wanting to attract a new set of clients, or L&D departments looking to make their programmes more efficient.

Choosing what is best for your learners, clients and specific subjects can be difficult, so we consulted the experts to find out their opinions on the online vs classroom debate. This blog provides insights from 7 training professionals. 

Read the blog post here. 

Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018 – Where Do You Rank?

This was our third year examining the state of the training industry with our bench-marking survey. 

This year, we have split the report into three key sections: The Training Industry, Technology and Sales & Marketing. Today, the training world faces new and unexpected challenges. Read this blog to discover if your business is ready to meet them . 

Read the blog post here. 

How to Create a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Another high ranker from our Everest Conference 2018, the key takeaways from Gainsight's talk who revealed what it takes to provide a truly successful customer experience. 

This post explains how by taking a human first approach, any organisations' customer retention, expansion, and advocacy can be improved, as well as improving efficiency across internal teams. This methodology can easily be applied to your training businesses including:

  1. Providing outcomes rather than transactions  
  2. Mapping your customer journey
  3. Automating repeatable customer journey points

“What happens when customers don’t achieve outcomes? Even if your customers say they are ”happy”, if tangible value is not being delivered, your customers are at risk.”

Read the blog post here. 

What Generation Z Means for the Training Industry

We've heard plenty about millennials over the past few years and how their attitudes and desires have changed the way we train. But are you prepared for the next generation? Generation Z are coming to an office near you. 

Generation Z have different priorities to millennials, and that means your training will change, from course delivery type to increasing online course bookings. This blog looks at how to prepare for serving this new generation of workforce.

Read the blog post here.

How to Make the Most of SEO and PPC To Increase Course Bookings

At our Everest Conference 2018, Fat Media gave us an insight into the current trends surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) that you can apply to your training business.

This post explores some key ways you can improve your online performance and increase your sales leads including how to use long-tail keywords to improve your search engine performance, how to make a huge impact on your overall online presence and the factors you should be working on that really influence how well your Pay-Per-Click ads rank.

Read the blog post here. 

The Periodic Table of Training Management [2018 Edition]

This year, we updated our Periodic Table of Training Management in line with 2018's much-changed training landscape to provide a visual nine-step guide for a successful training business including the learning delivery methods you should offer, the key stakeholders you need to involve and technical tools you can use to help you along the way.  

Read the blog post here. 

GDPR for Training Companies: Processors, Controllers and Liabilities

The acronym that was on everybody's lips this year: GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the biggest change to information security since the Data Protection Act and was a challenge for many organisations.

If you want a refresher on what the GDPR means to your training business, give this blog a read. 

Read the blog post here.  

How Did The Training Industry Perform in 2018?

For an in-depth view of the state of the training industry as a whole and where it's heading, download your copy of the 2018 Training Industry Benchmark Report here.  

Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018

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