Customer case study video: Wow your customers

How accessplanit allows customers to provide a service that sets them apart with tools designed to delight, retain and expand their customer base

"The customer journey is much better now." 

Listen to how accessplanit customers delight, retain and expand their customer base using accessplanit training management software.

By using training management tools to enhance their customer journey, accessplanit customers have been able to build better client relationships, grow trust through automated communications providing delegates with the information that they need and improve staff satisfaction as they are able to better serve their customers. 

 “The system helps build a relationship with customers because it builds an element of trust.”  


Mace Business School Case Study

The accessplanit solution

No-hassle course booking and payment around the clock with automated communications ensures customers are in control and have all of the information that they need. The CRM module  allows for effective customer journey tracking, to help increase their satisfaction and enhance the service provided.

"Our customers are happier, our team's happier, I feel like everyone's happier."

System features

Customers enhance their customers' journey by:

  • Using automated communications to ensure customers have all of the information that they need
  • Offering course suggestions based on customer history
  • Utilising 360 evaluation feedback to constantly improve course offerings
  • Providing a user portal where delegates can manage and book training, complete eLearning, fill out evaluations and much more

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