Customer case study video: Improve and expand your training business

How accessplanit customers have improved, grown and expanded their training businesses 

"Without a system like accessplanit we would not be able to run profitably." 

Listen to accessplanit customers talk about how they have removed chaos, standardised their processes and got their entire business rowing in the same direction.

By using accessplanit training management software, customers have seen growth in profitability, enhanced efficiencies and are able to better serve their client base. 

 “Before we had accessplanit in place, we were losing 6 figures off the profitability. Now, we're making 6 figures on our profitability.”  


University of the Arts case study

The accessplanit solution

By automating a wide range of processes, customers no longer focus on manual admin and instead focus on what really matters: Growing their business. Complete task management allows their entire team to see at a glance where projects stand and what they have outstanding. Standardised service delivery, increased business insights and online booking and promotion all offer fantastic growth opportunities. 

"Efficiency has improved in that we can immediately tell people the things they need to know."

System features

Customers have grown their training businesses by using tools such as:

  • Automated communications and lead follow up to ensure customers have all of the information that they need
  • Opportunity management for structured business development 
  • Online course booking and payment with integrated Google Analytics
  • Task management to ensure each member of the team is accountable

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