Customer case study video: Centralise your training operations

How accessplanit customers can see their entire training operations at a glance and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

"Having everything in one place has just made life easier for us." 

Listen to how accessplanit customers ensure that nothing falls through the cracks by managing their entire training business or department on one central system.

By having all core training operations in one central system, accessplanit customers can see their entire business at a glance, know which events are coming up, cater better to customer needs. view tasks that are outstanding and can prioritise departmental objectives more effectively. 

 “Because everything is in one system, it's much easier to know what's coming up, it's easier to plan our workload and it's easier for us to fit in with other departments and their priorities.”  

Musgrave Group case study

The accessplanit solution

Never duplicate information across different platforms and spreadsheets, meaning your entire business knows what's going on in real time. Manage courses from one portal and automate all course communications with the touch of a button. Get a comprehensive overview of your key business metrics with tailored dashboards, in-depth reporting and the ability to gather customer feedback. 

"All of the information is kept in one place, it makes it easier for us to give a better customer experience ."

System features

Customers centralise their training operations by:

  • Having all their key business data on one central platform
  • Eliminating data duplication meaning all data is up-to-date and accurate
  • Managing courses and resources using easy-to-use calendars 
  • Tailoring dashboards with pre-built and buildable gadgets 
  • Scheduling reports for readily accessible information

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