Learner Portal

A branded space for your employees, learners, or managed service

Online Learning Portal

Let your delegates manage their learning online

Distribute course materials online

Upload all training information, documentation, videos and SCORM-compliant eLearning materials with our easy-to-use online training management software. Allow learners to track progress, make new course bookings and update contact information.

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Example of course materials uploaded through accessplanit’s online training management software

Brand consistency and customisation

Connect your company with your customers, thanks to completely customisable employee and client portals that reflect your brand. Make it even easier, with fully responsive software that's accessible on every kind of internet-enabled device.

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Web-based training software portal designed for learners

Embrace global expansion

Speak your customers' language. Our training software delivers cloud-based learner portals that feel truly personal - with custom phrases and terminology that ensures, no matter where they are in the world, your delegates feel like they're home.

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Global delegates connected via cloud-based training software

Do more with our online training management software...

Make every portal personal and put your brand at the heart of it all

Responsive build that's adaptable access across internet-enabled mobiles, tablets and desktops

Easily upload course materials including eLearning, videos and documents

Allow learners to manage and access course registrations, calendars, evaluation forms, and sign-ins all in one hub

Customise phrases and terminology for the ultimate personal experience

Delegates can maintain all aspects of their learning, from course bookings to personal information

Keep track of learner progress from start to finish

Allow delegates to enroll on further training courses online

Multi language support to cater for all of your delegates

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A branded space for your employees, learners, or managed service