Mace Business School Increases Client Base by 200% with accessplanit

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  • 70% reduction in admin costs

  • 6,500 resource hours saved

  • 50% bookings managed online by delegates

Mace Business School offers learning and support services to key businesses in the Mace supply chain. But when managing training via emails and spreadsheets became too complex and time-consuming, they invested in a training management system they could rely on.

So we...

Introduced end-to-end processes on a modular system built around Mace's specific requirements.

‘We weren’t interested in an off-the-shelf package. We need a robust system with additional functionality to suit our clients.

The client was also keen to place customer interaction at the heart of its training, so we implemented online course booking, automated communications and branded learner portals for true 24/7 training.

According to the client...

‘We have increased our client base by 200% and have been able to cope with this as a result of implementing a more efficient system. The accessplanit system has assisted us in our strategy to grow our business. A client interface was extremely important to the business school, accessplanit provided a solution that was both visually appealing and easy to use. Clients are very impressed with the functionality and the instant access to real-time information. It’s a win-win situation. Clients are delighted with the ability to control their own administration, and my team can utilise their time developing the service.’

Brian Moone, Mace Business School


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