Webinar: How to FILL your classroom courses in 2021

A classroom return has been long-awaited for many training providers. It's no surprise, of course - it's what you do best!

However, we must recognise and accept that there may be some reluctance among our delegates, who may have a certain level of anxiety and apprehension about suddenly jumping in to a classroom with strangers again.

Without proper planning, there’s a risk of:

  • Reduced course bookings and enquiries
  • Unviable courses leading to cancellations and transfers
  • Frustration and confusion for trainers & administrators

So, what can we do to best encourage the classroom return?

In this webinar, we hear from a lively panel of sales and marketing experts who have some top tips to help you get bums on seats and ensure your classroom return is a success, featuring the guru’s and masters of social selling at Sales Geek!


a checklist for training providers returning to the classroom