Guide: The training professional's guide to everything

Training company guide to everything

Your guide to everything from marketing to tech to customer experience

Here at accessplanit, we love giving valuable advice to people in the training sector. We've analysed and defined the industry for over 20 years now; from our roots as a training company, to the training software house we are today. As such, we want to share our accumulated knowledge and trusted advice with other training businesses and the people that work within them. In this guide you'll find useful hints, tips and explainers, to help you make this a year of growth for your training business. We cover everything from creating content for your website, to cutting through industry jargon, and more. With the aid of our friends at Coursecheck, we have also devised a useful guide to getting the most out of your customer feedback.

What's inside?

  • Customer feedback - make it work for you
  • Clever content marketing
  • Jargon busting - TMS, CRM, LMS, Saas, ERP, CMS What does it all mean?!
  • 7 ways to eliminate manual training processes
  • 10 ways to automate using a training management platform