The accessplanit Training Industry Benchmark Report 2019

The Training Industry Benchmark Report 2019

How do training professionals feel about the current state of the industry, and how does it weigh-up to the past three years of results? In what areas have we progressed? How has the external environment influenced the industry this year? What’s changed, and what does the future hold? Our annual training industry survey results have been compiled for 2019 and we have found out the following: 
  • 3 fifths of all training providers will be focusing on some form of eLearning in the next 12 months
  • Three-quarters of all training professionals are visiting training events this year
  • Use of online evaluation forms has doubled in the past three years
  • In-house and short courses are still by far the most popular method of training delivery

What's inside?

  • How training delivery methods are evolving
  • Training industry challenges
  • How technology use is changing the industry 
  • How has Brexit impacted training operations?
  • The effective marketing tools training organisations are utilising

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