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Effectively managing supply chain learning and development

"A client interface was extremely important to the business school, accessplanit's solution was both visually appealing and easy to use. Clients are very impressed with the functionality and instant access to real-time information."

Brian Moone

Mace Business School

Mace Business School provides learning and support services to key businesses in the Mace supply chain.  Its aim is to work closely with suppliers, offering a range of accredited management training courses, to maintain standards and compliance and improve performance within the supply chain for Mace clients.

Mace has an impressive portfolio of clients and past projects include the EDF Energy London Eye, The British Museum Great Court, Heathrow T5 and the City’s iconic Shard of Glass.  Known for their proficiency in undertaking some of the most complex multi-million pound construction projects in the world, Mace supply chain partners must operate to a consistently high standard and in total synergy with Mace management across all disciplines. 

“We weren’t interested in an off the shelf package, we need a robust system with additional functionality to suit our clients.  Working with accessplanit we were able to achieve this objective.”  


The Challenge

Mace Business School provides an extensive range of courses relating to construction and project management.  This ensures that every part of the supply chain operates to a consistent management standard across all areas of compliance and that effective relationships exist between the project teams and their supply partners.  The courses are run in-house by experienced operational Mace managers, senior project managers and directors.  Supply chain partners train together in an interactive learning environment.  The courses are focused on best practice and accredited at University level. As the training is not Mace specific and accredited to individuals, it is important that accurate records of completion dates are recorded and easily accessible to individual supply chain partners. 

Mace Business School is extremely successful, with an expanding client base and range of courses.  After two years of trading, Mace recognised that administration had become too labour intensive, increasingly complex and difficult to control.  All courses were booked by telephone and entered manually by the Mace administrators using an email and spreadsheet system.   A solution to ease administration, speed up the processes and introduce business improvements was required urgently.

“After two years of trading it was becoming apparent that our in-house systems weren’t going to cope with our planned growth. Far too much time was spent on administration and preparation of reports, leaving little or no time for planning.”

The accessplanit solution

Mace Business School required a system which would allow them to communicate with their external supply chain and provide an end to end process from course booking through to certification. In addition, the integration of a customer portal as a seamless extension of Mace Business School, with an online booking facility was a must have. The accessplanit system provided all of the features Mace required, and because the software is modular, Mace only pay for the modules they need, making the system very cost effective. Working closely with the team at accessplanit, the most appropriate modules were identified and integrated into the accessplanit system.

“A client interface was extremely important to the business school, accessplanit provided a solution that was both visually appealing and easy to use. Clients are very impressed with the functionality and the instant access to real time information. It’s a win-win situation, clients are delighted with the ability to control their own administration, and my team can utilise their time developing the service.”

Customer benefits

  • ROI - increased customer base in addition to 30% reduction in administration resource.
  • Increased client base - the system has been instrumental in assisting Mace with their growth strategy of 200% since the installation of the accessplanit system.
  • Reduced reporting time - time spent on reporting has been reduced by at least 50%. The improved level of detail and report accuracy is a key tool for future planning and the identification of client service improvements.
  • Improved client relationships - auto generated prompts have led to increased contact with clients, and the ability to log on and manage their own information is a powerful client benefit which receives very positive feedback.

“We have increased our client base by 200% and have been able to cope with this as a result of implementing a more efficient system."

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