How LMS Can Help You Lead Employees Successfully


Is it better to manage or lead your employees? It could be said that it is best to have a bit of both, but most employees find it more effective to be led rather than managed. While many business leaders see the wisdom in this concept, most fail to apply it to their employees' training needs. 

Learners like to be led. Although all they may know today is the feeling of having been managed, with the right tools in place, this can be achieved. This results in respect of training leadership and in turn breeds engagement.

The key to leading in training includes providing a path to follow, providing a consistent message, and allowing for open and honest feedback. 

The path you provide is otherwise known as a learning path, with as much rigidity or flexibility as your needs require. Flexibility is the method currently touted in the adult learning field, but every business is different. With the right tools such as a learning management system, you can even target a path to individual learners or departments. Perhaps you want more flexibility in Sales, but less in IT, for example.

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Providing a consistent message translates to providing a consistent experience. When a learner has to learn a new interface or system with each training interaction, it causes stress and wastes time. The right tools ensure your learners can focus on your content, not on how to reach it.

Feedback is a hallmark of learning leadership. When learners can provide timely feedback, they gain ownership and investment in the process. Check out this post that looks at gaining effective feedback.

On the other hand, when training developers receive timely feedback, training can be reviewed and improved.

No one likes feeling managed. But leading your learners the right way will make them feel valued and rightly led. 

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