Do I Need To Replace My Current Business Software?

It is coming up to that time of year when it is prime opportunity to evaluate the results of the previous and plan for the next. One key part of this evaluation is reviewing your current business processes and in particular the software and systems in place to support them. Are you using the best option for your business or are you in need of a system revamp? There are many tell-tale signs that it is time to recharge your business batteries.   

When purchasing a business system it is usually understood that it is not a lifetime commitment. However when it comes to switching software there can be many barriers from many different avenues including staff unwillingness and limited time to implement the change. So, at what point do the cons outweigh the resistance? 

4 tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your current system

1. The company that produced your system is no longer in operation

This is one of the most common reasons for replacing a current system. As each day passes the system is falling further and further behind advancing technologies. In the competitive industry of training it is vital to stay ahead of the curve. With the wide range of technologies available, companies need to keep up to date and ensure that you are benefiting from the progression of new business software.

2. Your training information is too difficult to update

If you find it difficult to update or have to carry out far too many steps than seems necessary, it might be a sign that your training system is too difficult to update. With the technology available today, there is no excuse to settle for a system that can't grow as quickly as you do. Business software should be ready and open to adapt whenever you are.

With a training management system, course content can be easily update and distributed quickly to ensure for fast rollout. This software has the ability to hold all of your training related information and provides a platform for your trainers and learners to access course content wherever they are. It can also provide branded documentation, certificates and evaluation forms. With these capabilities, your company will no longer worry about revising course content and will be able to distribute up-to-date, professional and standardised information. 

3. Your delegates struggle to get excited by your dated delivery

Have you ever sat down at a computer and been forced to sit through a whole day watching a training video on an outdated web platform? If your delegates think your training materials are old enough to be funny, it may be a good idea to update.

Engaging learners is one of the biggest challenges faced by training companies, especially with the range of course delivery methods available with new technologies.

By providing eLearning and posting interesting post course documentation on an online user portal, training companies can keep learners captivated. If you want more details you can read our article - How Does eLearning Enhance Course Delegates Experiences.

4. You don’t have a system in place at all

Step back and take a good, hard look at the solutions that you use to manage your training organisation. Is it the most effective way that you could be working? Are any or all of your processes manual?Most businesses will admit that there are probably better options on the table.

By automating your current administration tasks, you could save up to 50% admin time. By increasing your efficiency, you can reduce the risks of duplication and human errors and track all information to simplify your booking processes. A training management system can help manage your courses and resources and clearly demonstrate the areas of your business that are benefiting from automation. This means you can identify your return on investment and measure the profits of your new software.

If it is time to evaluate your options and you are interested in learning more about our training management solutions download our free FAQs when purchasing an automated system eBook.

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