6 Ways to Be Your Best Self Using Positive Psychology

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At the training industry event Everest Conference 2018, Kev House of The Art of Brilliance delivered an eye-opening presentation into how to bring out the best version of ourselves and the wonderful things that can happen when we do.  Kev let us know, “When you are happier at your business and in your home, you thrive more, it’s not rocket science!”.

House introduced the following concepts in a presentation that encouraged a change in mindset to profoundly influence work and home life:  

  • Happy people are more successful
  • Personal development helps us towards being a better human being
  • How Smartphone Culture is negatively impacting us
  • Creating a legacy when you’re at your best

House started off proceedings by inviting the audience to discuss with the person next to them a time when they were recently at their happiest. He then goes onto describe a scenario in which it is possible to attain this type of happiness in everyday moments:

“When you are happier at your business and in your home, you thrive more, it’s not rocket science!”.

Happiness At Home And In The Workplace

House informs the audience that we all experience a dip in happiness on a large scale between 16 and 40 (with some science to back it up). 

He told us that it isn't to do with having kids or getting married but is in fact our working lives. During this time people don’t feel they are making the kind of impact they are capable of and instead of addressing issues that might be affecting their happiness they numb themselves from the truth.  

“It’s about challenging yourself, about going outside your comfort zone”.

A lot of it comes down to your mindset and your willingness to change and break monotonous cycles. Conforming to what others are doing out of fear will keep you trapped in the same cycle that you may not realise is what’s causing you to be unhappy. By breaking down those barriers you can not only learn how to progress but also how to unlock the potential everybody has.  

Eating better, sleeping better and getting exercise are the three things House points out as the foundation to generating more energy and being the best version of yourself on a regular basis. For those that feel they are too busy to address important things like their relationship and their health there needs to be a moment where you stop and reflect on those things, instead of pushing them further down your priorities list.  

Kev told us that when you're happy, you're: 

  • More productive
  • More creative
  • More helpful
  • Better at service
  • More focused on quality
  • More motivated
  • More engaged
  •  A faster learner
  • A better team player

What are you when you're happy? Let us know in the comments!

The 2% Mindset

House then brings up research by a colleague (and founder of the Art of Brilliance) named Andy Cope who he describes as ‘Dr. Happy’ due to the fact he was the first person to have a PhD in the UK on the topic of happiness. 

Cope found that a large proportion of the population are stuck in survival mode just getting through the days, the weeks and the months. There was a though a small percentage of people (2%) who were able to be the best version of themselves on a consistent basis and thrive both at work and at home.

This is what Kev introduced as 'The 2% Mindset'. If we can get into this mindset more often, we are also going to be our best self more often. 

The 2 mindset by Art of Brilliance

We're Living In a Smartphone Culture

Smartphones have a had a profound effect on all of our lives and although a lot of positives can be taken from their usage, a lot of negative consequences can result from being constantly glued to our devices.

For one, to be talking to someone at the same time as checking your phone sends off completely the wrong signals when trying to build relationships.

Smartphone zombies


In the workplace you may feel tempted to avoid conversation and use your phone instead. However, to build trust in each other and a welcoming atmosphere it’s important to leave yourself open and willing to engage.

Without making yourself open to others you restrict yourself from real life engagement which can help you learn and progress as a person.

How to Be Your Best Self

House alludes to the term ‘fake stress’ which he uses to describe scenarios that may trigger annoyance on the surface but if you look at them from a different perspective are in fact petty and have little impact on your life.

“Think about what your fake stress is caused by, because there’s loads of it”.

It’s key to look at these minor causes of stress and really root out why they are making you feel annoyed. A lot of the time you’ll find it’s something else that is causing you to be easily triggered into his mode of annoyance and stress.

“It’s not about doing more, it’s about being a better human being”

Speaking on the book, Man’s Search for Meaning, written by Auschwitz survivor Viktor Frank, House explains that events themselves are never just positive or negative. In fact, they are always neutral, and it’s how we perceive and react to those events which creates a positive or negative outcome.

It is therefore all in our perception and if we are able to look at things from a different perspective we may be able to deal with them in a more appropriate way. Learning this knowledge is different from using it, being able to use this in a practical scenario takes a lot of practice but you will improve in time.

One thing that it important to note that was highlighted by House in his closing statements is:

“You pass on an amazing impact to others. When you are brilliant, you can pass that onto others too”.

After an enthusiastic thirty minutes, Kev left us with six things we can do to bring out the best in ourselves and others:

  1. Ask engaging personal questions
  2. Exercise
  3. Meditate
  4. Random acts of kindness
  5. Keep a gratitude journal
  6. Observer yourself lovingly

To learn more about being your best self,  get a copy of the slide deck here. 

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