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Is your training company ready for the GDPR? Befuddled by the new regulations? Not sure if your data processes are secure and compliant?  We've got you covered, with a two free webinars to help your training business navigate the incoming GDPR laws to ensure full compliance at all times.

We we have recorded a 'GDPR: A checklist for training companies' overview. In the webinar:

- We walk you through the 5 key areas of the GDPR 
- We show you how you can apply the GDPR principles to your training business 
- We explore GDPR friendly software features 
- We provide a Q&A session to answer the questions we regularly get asked 

Watch free webinar: ‘GDPR: A checklist for training companies

What is the GDPR?

It's being billed as the greatest shake-up to data protection in 20 years. Think of it as the Data Protection Ultra-Plus. The EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is designed to meet two objectives...

Protect the data of European citizens


Harmonise EU data protection laws

It's difficult to understate just how far-reaching the new rules will be once they come into force on May 25th 2018. At that time, any business, anywhere in the world, processing the data of British and EU citizens must fully comply with the GDPR.

How will GDPR affect my training business?

A training company is fuelled by data, so you'll naturally feel the full effects of GDPR - whether it's gaining explicit consent from your delegates, responding to 'reasonable requests' from individuals, or using your training management system to automate data-based processes. It's all part of the drive to strengthen existing data laws and add another layer of security in our data-soaked world.

Given that the regulations affect everyone, at every level of your business, now is the time to understand what changes the GDPR introduces, and what changes you'll have to make to your organisational structure and data processing procedures, in order to comply.

We're relentless in keeping our customers' data protected. As an ISO 27001-certified data processor, our data processing already complies with rigorous, independently assessed, international security standards - making the transition to GDPR compliance easier and more secure.

To ensure you're ready for the GDPR, we've recorded a free webinar session that provides a comprehensive overview specifically for training companies like yours.

On Demand Webinar: GDPR for training companies

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