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The State of The Training Industry 2019: Have Your Say

Do you want to help shape our annual training industry benchmark report? Each year, we collect data from leading learning and training professionals to produce our Training Industry Benchmark Report. Plus: we're entering everyone who completes the survey into a prize draw to win an iPad. 

To help define the most comprehensive snapshot of the UK training industry, you can complete the survey here. 

All participants will: 

- Be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad

- Be issued with an early access copy of the survey findings report so you can benchmark your organisation against industry peers

Complete our survey and be entered into the prize draw here

Key findings from our 2018 report included:

  1. The #1 challenge identified by training professionals was that they are increasingly expected to do more with less resource
  2. Online and blended learning is set to be adopted by more and more training providers (this has increased by 25% since 2016)
  3. 72% of training companies are heavily focused on in-company training delivery 
  4. 60% of those surveyed said that paper feedback forms, handed out as a
    course closes, remained their primary form of generating evaluations
  5. Almost half of respondents felt that sales and marketing will be challenged by the introduction of the GDPR
  6. There was a reliance from training professionals on reputation (69.6%) and referrals (70.3%) to gain new business
  7. Training professionals used phrases such as 'crowded space', 'industry is booming', 'moving forward' and 'poor government decisions' to describe the industry

How would you characterise the state of the training industry

To find out more, you can download the full 2018 report here. 

Help shape the training industry benchmark report

Are you part of a training business, run training events or manage learning delivery? Then, we want you to be involved in producing our 2019 training industry benchmark report. To help define the most comprehensive snapshot of the UK training industry, you can complete the survey here. 

Complete our survey and be entered into the prize draw here



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