What do you want from courses management software?

If  this wish list sounds familiar don't hesitate to get in touch… 

Ease of use 
I want to partner with a software company that listens to us and creates an intuitive and amazingly powerful range of course management services that are refreshingly easy to use. 

Total flexibility
I want software with option, so that I only have to select the functionality that my business needs. What’s the point in having all these cutting edge tools if they don’t suit my business need? This will allow me a cost effective and streamlined solution that’s perfect for the business. 

I want a solution that handles all the tasks we perform as a business. From online booking to email marketing, don’t make me use separate software for different tasks. 

A scalable system
Over time, the demands on my training company will inevitably change. I want to partner with a software house that realises this and builds a training management system that can keep pace. I want a solution that allows me to add new functions easily by purchasing and unlocking new functionality as and when the business grows.

Continual and relevant product development
I know that technology moves at a rapid pace, so I want a provider that is responsive and reactive. I want to see regular updates with new functions and features and I want to see our software provider taking on board all our relevenat feedback. Ideally there will be in-house software developers who diligently keep training software at the fore front in its field. 

Outstanding customer care
Before we invest as a business I want to see the software company make efforts to fully understand our needs. This way the solution we choose delivers the results that our business demands. I want regular face-to-face reviews and feedback sessions with our team to ensure this is delivered over and over again. 

A dedicated in house support team
I only want to work with a software company that has a support team with an excellent reputation in the industry. This should be reflected in your high levels of client retention and loyalty.  Do you have a UK-based support team to handle queries quickly and efficiently? I want to work closely with expert developers when necessary, and have a support team that will go the extra mile to solve any challenge that our courses present. 

Personalised Training
I want to work with a company that offers great training so that I can take full advantage of the software and earn real return on investment (ROI). Even of your software is intuitive and simple to use, I want training  that ensures we have a sound understanding of the features and capabilities. I want tailored training to suit the individual requirements of my business

A secure web-based solution
High levels of security are vital for our data, so we want to work with a software house that takes this seriously. I want a company that provides web-based solutions that allow us access at any time in any location. I don’t want to put any strain on our IT team internally. 

I want to work a software house that has a proven track record and I want to be able to see a client list that speaks for itself. An enviable customer retention rate is a must for my training business to work with a software house.

Here at accessplanit we listen to customers and use their wish list to create the prefect training software solution.   Take a look at some of our client success stories and what they say about working with accessplanit.