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[GUIDE] How To Implement New Business Software Successfully

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Choosing a software supplier is only half the battle.  This guide aims to support you through the process of software implementation, with a number of actionable tips to help ensure a smooth onboarding.

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Using Taster Sessions As An Effective Marketing Tool

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Forward-thinking training providers are capitalising on a new marketing initiative which is both easy to implement and particularly effective at attracting new business. Introducing, taster sessions. Taster sessions can be defined as an opportunity for delegates to experience your training offering prior to any payment or commitment on their part. It's a unique chance for the client to 'try before they buy', usually experienced in the form of webinars, bite-size content, 1-to-1 consultations and face to face interactions. The aim of taster sessions is to stimulate interest in order to encourage further business from the client. Once your sales emails are hitting the spot, your social selling strategy is in place and your SEO/PPC is yielding results, why not give taster sessions a go?

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Future-Proofing Your Training Business During COVID-19

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If there's one objective business leaders can all unite on this year, it's trying to ensure that our business has a future. Meeting the shifting demands of the 'new normal' is critical in order to enable short-term continuity, however we must also consider what's required of us long-term, in order to promote the future longevity of our training business.

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