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[2020] Which Training Tracking Software Tool Is Best?

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There are a number of different software tools available to help you track employee training. From a specialist learning management system to a robust spreadsheet, this guide will help you to decide which training tracking tool is most appropriate for your training business.

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Everything Training Providers Need To Know About Blended Learning [Q&A]

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It was in the late 1990's when blended learning was first introduced and recognised as an educational approach. It has risen to prominence over the past few years, as training providers look for unique ways to provide a value-add to clients, and clients look to improve knowledge retention for their learners.

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7 Tips for Survival in a Competitive Training Industry

Each year, the training world seems to get just a little bit more competitive, doesn't it? That's certainly the view of 24% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report, who claimed that one of the biggest challenges to running a successful training business was increased competition. So, how can you combat against the rising tide of rivals?

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6 Ways Training Providers Can Bounce Back Stronger Post-COVID

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COVID-19 has changed the training landscape dramatically. From the way we deliver training to the way we communicate with colleagues, the only constant right now is change itself. Some training providers have been able to grow their business during COVID-19, whilst others have been forced to close and re-evaluate. Whatever position your training business finds itself in currently, we've got some actionable tips on how you can come back stronger than ever.

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The 4 BIG Training Industry Trends This Year

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The training world is in a state of flux; a constant, shifting stream of evolution that befits an industry dedicated to learning and development. Standing out from the crowd has never been more vital, and while enhancing your brand and raising awareness of it has become easier than ever before, too few are taking advantage of the available tools. In this time of turbulence and change, our 2020 Training Industry Benchmark Report has helped us to uncover a shift in the training landscape. From course delivery to sales and marketing and from customer service to the use of technology, we've uncovered 4 of the major trends you need to be aware of this year in the training industry.

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The Ultimate Guide To Online Course Booking Systems

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Online course booking systems have been around a while in the training world. For some, it's a chance to make money 24/7, for others it's an opportunity to improve their customer journey or even to automate administrative processes. Whatever your objective, we're here to give you the in's and out's of course booking systems and how your training business can achieve better results by implementing one.

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Effective Training Resource Management For Maximum ROI

/ posted in Administration, Management / 1 Comment

Resource management for training providers is a necessary but time consuming and sometimes complicated task. It is easy to leave it until the last minute to draft in a trainer for a course, or scramble around the store cupboard for a projector. Additionally, it can be difficult to allocate resources when it is unclear when venues are free or who is using what equipment. Is this way of working going to achieve maximum ROI? There's a better way.

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