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Did You Make This Mistake with Your Business Case?

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When you’re seeking internal buy-in from your company’s executives for a specific piece of software, one of the first things you’re going to have to do present a business case. And whether you’re a veteran business case writer or still a rookie, developing a well-researched, fully-fledged business case is a mammoth undertaking.

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How Does Training Automation Benefit Your IT Team?

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Think of any business critical purchase or organisational change and there will be many different participants involved who all hold very different priorities. The same applies for the adoption of a training management system or LMS and on a large scale as it affects and provides benefits for so many different parts of an organisation. This post explore the benefits and concerns of software from an IT perspective. 

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3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Communications

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You have a message that’s vital for your training company. How do you get it across in the most effective manner? I recently wrote a piece for TrainingZone – a website I highly recommend for the latest news and views in the training industry – that discussed an oft-overlooked factor of good communication: Being yourself.

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Training Companies: Is It Time To Automate Your Marketing?

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How do you market your training company? Probably you have a Google Ads campaign running, you promote your services on social media (complete with a hashtag no-one’s searching for), and you fire off a thousand emails a day and cross your fingers someone replies. And that all consumes a lot of time.No surprise, then, that some training companies are beginning to turn to automated marketing methods.

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