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How We Use Customer Product Suggestions To Continually Improve Our Software

Ernest Hemingway once said, ‘When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.’ That’s a quote we wholeheartedly agree with – it’s practically a motto here at accessplanit. You talk, we listen, and if Hemingway has no objections, I’d like to add another part to his quote: Take action.

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New Feature: Multi-Dimensional Workflows Shape The Way You Manage Your Processes

Imagine a world where the vase shatters into a thousand tinkling pieces. Then it hits the wall. And then you pick up the vase and throw it. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Everything needs to follow a pattern of cause of effect; a trigger that sets off a chain of events, and workflows are the technological equivalent of that. They’re intrinsic to streamlining and automating almost every task.

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6 Things You Learn When Your Website’s Redesigned

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So, what do you think of our new website? Did it grab your attention? Did it stop you in your training tracks? In order to kick off the New Year in style, and the celebrate the launch of the accessplanit training success platform (which we might’ve mentioned it before once or twice; our powerful new training management system) we’ve had a total redesign of our website.

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New Feature: Restrictive Reporting Is A Thing Of The Past

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Ever get the feeling that you’re missing out on something? Our new training success platform - designed to reduce training admin - is bursting with features, around 50% of them suggested by our existing customers, so I thought it timely to introduce one of the must crucial features that I believe will change the way training professionals work.

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New Feature: The Information You Need, When You Need It

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What information do you need to work effectively? That’s not a random question, but one that informed precisely how we developed the new dashboard in our brand new training success platform. Our new dashboard is completely customisable to individuals using any data that is relevant to their job role. In short:  the information you need, when you need it.

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Introducing the accessplanit training success platform

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We think it’s the perfect way to kick off the New Year – with a brand new website and a brand new course management system. And it’s all bonded together by a single theme; a theme which informs everything we do here: To make your life easier. Making the lives of training professionals easier is the reason we started development on dedicated software for training companies. Let’s take a look at the key features…

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