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What Is The Impact Of AI On Learner Management?

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If the phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’ strikes fear of an uprising of robot overlords into your heart (or fear of a somewhat bizarre Steven Spielberg movie, for that matter…) then you’re certainly not alone; even as AI becomes a far more integrated part of our day to day lives, many people still wonder whether we’re playing with fire. The truth is a lot less worrying but no less interesting – as this article from the eLearning Industry points out, artificial intelligence certainly doesn’t have to equal robots, but it does mean “designing intelligent software that can analyse its environment and make intelligent choices for online learning.”

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DDoS Attacks: What They Are and How to Prevent Them (or 'Did I Just Help Break the Internet?')

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If you’re reading this, good – that means the internet isn’t dead yet, then. It was a bit touch-and-go back there for a second, wasn’t it? No more Twitter. No more Spotify. No more Reddit. All of them, alongside Amazon, Etsy, Netflix and others, were taken down by a pretty sophisticated DDoS attack. And you thought the biggest problem Twitter had was trolls and celebrities discussing their favourite flavour of crisps.

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