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What Is a LMS and How Is It Used?

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You’ve heard people say it – ellemess – and you’ve nodded sagely when really, deep down, you’re wondering to yourself, ‘What is a LMS and how is it used?’ Or maybe you’ve got a fair idea of what it is, but you still think, ‘Why use a LMS?’ These are fair questions to ask – and we’re not blaming you for asking them. The world of tech can sometimes appear to be purposely obtuse, with murky wording designed to bamboozle solely you, while everyone else ‘gets it’. Let’s boil it down to its essence, then: We’re talking about a bespoke system that reduces the admin of learning and training departments, so it’s important to think about what it is, how it works, and whether it’s right for you and your company.

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Why Software Implementation Fails – and How to Ensure Your Success

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Remember when you were hyped about the new software your business was implementing? You were so excited about taking the hard work out of managing your courses, taking online bookings and payment and automating marketing communications. And remember that crushing disappointment and frustration when everything – well, almost everything – went wrong? The increased workload, the irate phone calls jamming up the helpdesk, and your employees at a loss as to what to do. In short: Absolute carnage.

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Does Training Automation Mean The End Of Administrators?

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Whenever an automated business system is mentioned in an organisation there is often a ripple of panic among administrators. Will this system replace my job? Will my hours get cut? What will my role be now? These are questions that we have heard on unlimited occasions! These worries and fears are completely unwarranted and an automated system actually expands job potential and can make your role much more exciting.     

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