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How To Make Your Customers Happy Using Automation

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Customer service is crucial in building and maintaining relationships. This is especially true for training companies as their entire value proposition is based around the customer from the course content to the delivery to the post-event follow up, even if the course offerings aren't face-to-face. But still course delegates continue to have negative experiences. Staying ahead of the competition and upping levels of customer service is increasingly important so how do you get your customers to love you?

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Here Is A Method That Helps University Of The Arts Increase Profits

Training management software can be used in various ways to increase profits, improve course delivery, automate communication along with numerous other benefits. Our previous blogs in the series have explored how a training management system are used by companies such as Northamptonshire Police, London Leisure College, Citizens Advice Service and Mace Business School. This blog takes a look at how automating administration has helped University of the Arts London increase profits year on year.

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3 Proven Benefits Of Training Automation For Trainers

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When considering a new business system, it is crucial that all individuals and departments benefit from this change. Resistance is inevitable so it is incredibly important to understand the key priorities of each individual throughout an organisation. Fifth in the series, this blog focuses on the benefits to course trainers. Other posts have explored the advantages to Course Delegates, the Finance Team and even the Sales & Marketing Team.

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The Life Of A Customer Success Manager

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Here at accessplanit, customer success is at the heart of our business. We strive to build lasting relationships with customers to assist them in getting the most out of the training management software that we provide. This philosophy shapes our interactions with customers and results in beneficial, valuable connections. We interviewed one of our Customer Success Managers to provide a better understanding of their day to day activities and give an insight into the importance of the role.

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