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How Does Training Automation Benefit CEOs?

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Whether a CEO or Training Manager yourself, or if you are trying to pitch the idea of automation to the senior management team, it is key to understand what the benefits of software for training companies really are. Priorities differ from role to role making it important to understand both individual and departmental needs. This post takes a look at the benefits of automation to senior management.  

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Northamptonshire Police Save 6,500 Resource Hours Annually With accessplanit

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Continuing our series looking at how versatile a training management system can be, I wanted to share with you how Northamptonshire Police use an accessplanit system to support the Safer Roads Strategy. This post focuses on the benefits gained by the police force.

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How Important Is Programming Language When Buying Software?

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When using a piece of software you are sure to have experienced a bug. No? Think of your Twitter or Uber app, has it ever done something that you know it really shouldn’t or didn’t do previously? Yes? Then you have definitely experienced a bug. This is a small scale issue but some bugs can have detrimental effects especially when it comes to security. This post will take a closer look at the impact the type of programming language can have on cloud based software security.

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Training Feedback: Is The Paper Happy Sheet Dead?

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Learning is a two way process. Delegates sign up to be trained, but the trainer needs to be sure that any information imparted is current, relevant and accurate. How many times have you been on a training course and felt that only part of the content was suitable for your needs? Or as a training business, have you missed the opportunity to gain repeat business because learners haven’t felt satisfied? 

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Buying An Automated System: Your Questions Answered

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Throughout our years’ in the software purchasing arena we have been asked many different questions and not surprisingly also many of the same. The process of purchasing software is fairly standard across the board but we also appreciate that each organisation has specific areas of prioritisation. Using this experience we have answered a range of frequently asked questions to arm you during your search and selection of an automated solution. 

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Finalists In Red Rose Customer Service Award 2016!

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You may remember back in November 2015 we were selected as finalists in the Institute of Customer Service Customer Satisfaction Awards category of Customer Focus Award. We are now thrilled to have been chosen as one of 6 finalists in the Red Rose Customer Service Award. The criteria for the category was to be able to demonstrate how customer service sits at the heart of the business and ways that we have gone above and beyond.  

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