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How LMS Can Help You Lead Employees Successfully

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Is it better to manage or lead your employees? It could be said that it is best to have a bit of both, but most employees find it more effective to be led rather than managed. While many business leaders see the wisdom in this concept, most fail to apply it to their employees' training needs. 

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Do I Need To Replace My Current Business Software?

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It is coming up to that time of year when it is prime opportunity to evaluate the results of the previous and plan for the next. One key part of this evaluation is reviewing your current business processes and in particular the software and systems in place to support them. Are you using the best option for your business or are you in need of a system revamp? There are many tell-tale signs that it is time to recharge your business batteries.   

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How Does eLearning Enhance Course Delegate Experiences?

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Over the last ten years, learning has moved further and further in to the online realm. Beginning with basic video packages and progressing to advanced technologies such as mLearning and gamification. Some training is supplied purely online while other providers and employers prefer to take a blended learning approach. So, does having access to an online learning environment bring benefits to course candidates?

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How Citizens Advice Use Training Management Software To Manage Events

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How versatile can a training management system really be? This 10 part series looks at the varied ways a course management system can be utilised. The third in the series, this blog focuses on how Citizens Advice used training management software to run their Annual General Meeting.  

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How Can Training Automation Benefit Course Delegates?

The process of introducing a new software system or way of working can often be met with opposition within an organisation. This makes it key to ensure that all individuals are satisfied with the selection. This series looks at different priorities within key areas of your business however this addition has a slight twist focusing on your course delegates rather than internal stakeholders.

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Training Management Software On G-Cloud 7 With accessplanit

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We are very pleased to have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud framework for the supply of our training management software. G-Cloud 7 allows public sector organisations to purchase directly from the framework, vastly simplifying the procurement process. It also gives the purchaser confidence as all suppliers on the framework have been verified by a government service with G-Cloud 7 being the most up to date version.  

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