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Why Are Online Course Booking Systems So Valuable?

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When booking a holiday or ordering a new pair of shoes, where is the first place you would look? A large proportion of us would answer online. Even food shopping has moved on to the web! So why should training and education be any different? Online course booking allows potential customers to search for and register on to training quickly and hassle free.  

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Get Safe Online Week: 5 Tips For Online Safety And Security

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Did you know that this week (19th – 25th October) is Get Safe Online Week which aims to highlight the importance of protecting your personal information online.  With the number of businesses opting for online booking and web integration as part of their course management system it’s really important to us that everyone is aware of eCommerce best practice and the simple things that can help protect identities online. 

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How Can Automating Processes Benefit Your L&D Team?

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The process of introducing a new software system or way of working can be challenging and often met with opposition. That is why it’s important to ensure that all departments as well as individuals within an organisation are satisfied, even thrilled, by the selection. This series looks at different priorities within key departments with this blog focusing on the Learning and Development department.

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How Important Is Customer Service When Buying Software?

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Today marks the last day of National Customer Service Week (#NCSW). I thought that this made it the ideal opportunity to question whether customer service really is a key driver when purchasing software and to gain some feedback from individuals who have invested in software systems.   

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The Ultimate Guide For Buying Training Management Software

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Purchasing software to run your business is no easy feat and not one to be taken on lightly. Choosing an automated solution that affects every part of your business requires a clear understanding of your requirements, in-depth research of your options and commitment to the purchasing process. This blog offers some key areas to explore when comparing training management software and learning management systems.

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