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How LMS Supports Globalised Uniformity In Training Companies

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Localised businesses are very rapidly becoming a thing of the past as companies take full advantage of progress in communications and infrastructure to enter new markets and create new opportunities. Whilst these opportunities are seen as positive by many, globalisation does have a sting in its tail creating new challenges for business leaders. So, how can you stay ahead of the game?

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The Importance Of Feedback In Training Companies

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OK, so some times it might be hard to take, but we all know the truth: If you want to improve at something and be sure that you are performing at your very best, you need to accept some good old-fashioned honest feedback once in a while.      

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How Training Management Software Can Help The HR Team

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The mutual benefits of training employees and up-skilling have been well documented. Retention rates rise, motivation is bolstered and productivity heads in the exactly the same direction. Today the question is this: what role is technology and in particular LMS playing in simplifying learning and development, and perhaps more importantly, what should this look like?

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