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Six Simple Ways To Enhance Customer Service Experience

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Effective customer service should be a must for all trainers and course providers, and getting it right could be easier than you think.   We’ve all done it; you call up to register on a course and can’t get through....  You try few times, then decide to try later.  The question is do you, or do you find an alternative?

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How Can Course Booking Systems Automate Administration?

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With a minimum cost of £9,000 per year for student to attend university full time, the debate remains healthy on the merits of vocational qualification v’s university education.  Although slightly out of date, I think this infographic from the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is food for thought University Education – is it the best route into employment?

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Increase Training Course Profit By Managing Your Resources Effectively

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It’s not difficult, it’s just simple maths.  To increase profits you need to increase the number of delegates per course and reduce the variable costs.  There are numerous ways to market your training courses to increase delegate numbers, but how often do you take a closer look at your course resources?  

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