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Benefits Of accessplanit Software: Interview With a User

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If you are considering implementing a Learning Management System or upgrading to software with greater functionality, you may be interested in the experience of an LMS user. TheRoyal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK, use such a system to manage staff training and to reduce the risk of non-compliance of mandatory training. In this short interview I ask 4 questions which may be relevant to your organisation.

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3 Must Haves When Looking For Training Management Software

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Technology moves so fast, and the same is true for the development of software applications.  Any training management software company worth its salt will be undertaking version updates and rolling these out across their client base. But, wouldn’t it be useful to have someone there, at every upgrade, showing you how to maximise use and optimise the system to get a greater financial return.

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How To Increase Online Bookings Within Your Training Company

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Your website is the first port of call for the majority of potential customers, and therefore it is important that it grabs their attention and makes an impact. Think of yourself as an online retailer as well as an online training company and make your website easy to use, engaging and inviting.  Then, translate the hits into business by adopting online course booking, giving customers the option to book there and then!

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Advantages Of Using eLearning Within Your Training Business

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Most people are familiar with the term eLearning.  It’s no new, and is often used as an element of a blended learning programme.  It can be used to describe any training, courseware, guided learning reference material or assessment that is accessed electronically via a computer or mobile device.  This could be in the form of a virtual classroom, an online module, assessment or a discussion and is based upon the premise that it is easily flexible and accessible and provides on-demand training and support. 

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