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Using An Online Course Booking System To Simplify Discounts

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So you want to improve the marketing of your training company and increase the rates of return for your training services. That’s a given. But how?  You may have trialed discounting with codes and coupons, but found the administration a headache. Read on to discover 4 ways that online course booking software can maximise your use of promotional discounts. 

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Automated Training Calendars Make Fewer Mistakes

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It’s very easy to make a small mistake. We’ve all been there. You’re busy and trying to do too much when you are interrupted and lose concentration for just a moment. These are the times when even the most organised and motivated administrator can make a simple mistake. Dates added manually from two different sources can mean course-wide confusion, cancellations, and ultimately, unsatisfied customers. 

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3 Marketing Tips To Grow Visits To Your Course Booking System

 Your training company has launched itself into the global market with an online course booking system. Yesterday you sold training programmes to anyone who calls into the office, today you are exposed to anyone using the internet. Sounds great, but to ensure you get the very best from an online booking system it’s essential that you implement an online marketing strategy that will support good volume and high quality traffic is flowing to the website at all times. Get started with our 3 step guide.  

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