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SkillForge is a training company, based just outside of Chicago. They deliver training to companies, institutions and individuals across North America. In all of their classes, whether online or in-person, students always have access to an instructor – both during and after class. Their instructors have delivered training for many of the companies in the Fortune 500 and consistently receive outstanding ratings from their students.

The problem

SkillForge were using multiple systems, spreadsheets and sometimes just memory to track everything going on in the business. There was no connection between their accounting software and training admin system, so they had difficulty tracking who had paid.

They also had no connection between their CRM and other systems, which meant they were doing a lot of duplicate data entry and had the potential to miss valuable opportunities.

They couldn't easily see what classes were taken by what students or companies. They also wanted a student and instructor portal. And wanted to be able to host live-online, in-person and eLearning courses from the same platform.

The solution 

With accessplanit's training management software, SkillForge has been able to get rid of all their spreadsheets, which has reduced confusion and mistakes greatly. They now have one place to look for what they need and are no longer running their business using Excel and emails going back and forth between staff, which saves them lots of time. SkillForge have also automated communications and tasks using the Workflow Engine to make even more time savings. 

Inquiries from their website no longer go to an email inbox, but directly into the system as opportunities that can be tracked and managed effectively. Linking Google Analytics with their Shopping Basket provides the insights SkillForge need to improve the customer booking experience. 

Features that SkillForge use:

What SkillForge love about working with accessplanit

“We love the ability to do everything in one place without switching between systems. Inquiries from our website no longer go to our email inbox, but directly into the system as opportunities that can be tracked. We like the ability to see communications that have had happened with students and prospective customers.

We really love the workflow feature which automates some of the things we were doing manually before. And we like the ability to incorporate Google Analytics in our shopping cart to more easily see if and when students are leaving the shopping cart and how we may improve the experience.”

Support and service from accessplanit

“The implementation process was the most thorough and well managed of any company I have ever worked with or for. Issues never fell through the cracks. They were always tracked and followed-up on. The same goes for our after go-live support. We are able to log tickets and track their progress, and our contact person, Sarah, checks in regularly and are available to meet with us if we need help in figuring out an issue that goes beyond just a simple help desk ticket.

It's clear that accessplanit understands that customers won't stick with the product unless they can successfully use it, and they do all they can to ensure that.”

Why choose accessplanit for your training business?

  • Streamline training and resource  scheduling 
  • Manage instructor availability 
  • All of your core business information in one place
  • 50% reduction in admin time
  • Minimize business risk 

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