What Could You Do with Your Savings?

Discover how much time you’ll save with automation


Automate processes, save time

Using our ROI calculator, training companies on average spent over 10 hours raising invoices every week. Imagine what your business can achieve just by automating manual processes like that.

This free, tongue-in-cheek infographic explores the many activities you could undertake, simply by removing tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks like sending our course communications and duplicating data across multiple systems.

What you could do with an extra 8 hours each week…

  • You could swim 15 miles (but probably not in one go)
  • You could watch almost all of The Godfather trilogy
  • You could catch-up on the recommended daily amount of sleep

And that's just the beginning. Discover more fun facts about how to spend the time you save with our automated training management system today.

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