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The key elements of training management

A visual overview

Key elements of a training management system

The Periodic Table of Training Management is an alternative approach to viewing all of the elements you may need to consider if you are researching an automated system. It presents all of the key components involved in training management in an easy-to-view format, colour co-ordinated to separate different aspects of the model. Understandably, organisational change can be a huge decision and therefore there are many things that you might need to think about before implementation. This infographic highlights a nine-step guide to successful automation.  

Some of the key components include:

  • The triggers for change and need recognition for a training management system
  • Identifying your stakeholders and considering ways to involve them
  • The variety of functions that are provided from automated systems
  • Technical specifications of training management systems
  • Support that you can receive throughout your purchasing decision, implementation process and post-purchase

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