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Survey methods for effective training feedback

What's the best way to gain feedback?

Are happy sheets the best tool for evaluation?

The happy sheet is without doubt a classic training evaluation tool. However, as we move towards continuous assessment and development of training needs, does it fulfil these objectives? Feedback is crucial to identify areas of improvement within your training courses and so it is important to adopt the most effective feedback approach. We thought it was interesting to compare paper-based evaluation with automated workflows. Of course, there are advantages to each approach so we have provided an overview for both in an easy to view format.

What are the benefits of gaining feedback from course delegates?

  • Gain an insight into what your course delegates think about your training courses
  • Feedback can help to improve your training courses
  • It can help in highlighting gaps and opportunities within your offers
  • It can support business growth

If you want to compare the advantages of happy sheets and online surveys, all you have to do is fill in a few details and you can download your free infographic in seconds. Thank you for your interest.

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