Cloud based training software with powerful functionality

Choose the tools to suit your business

Whatever your business size, take a closer look at our software features.  The system is scalable, giving you the flexibility to take a phased approach to specific functionality such as on-line booking to drive additional sales, or user portals to support eLearning. The choice is yours.
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Course & Resource Management

The beating heart of training. Streamline labour intensive processes and have everything in one place to set up and manage course administration, resources and allocate tasks.

Online Booking & Finance

Improve cash flow using on-line booking management software with ecommerce integration and automated billing. Create a smooth, fast, accurate and efficient customer transaction process...
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CRM & Marketing

The tools to manage customer history, enquiries, sales pipeline and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Learning Management System

A comprehensive platform to track and report on all classroom based and eLearning throughout the organisation.


Finger tip information on every part of the training process, to use for decision making, budgeting, presentations and meetings.

User Portals

A fully responsive user interface and eLearning platform where learners can track all training including classroom, eLearning and webinars.

Technical Spec

We host your solution in a fast secure environment. This means you don’t have to worry about IT infrastructure, server configuration, bandwidth requirements, backups, viruses or security permissions. We take care of of all the technical detail so you can concentrate on your business.
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