Musgrave Group Save 40% Admin Processing Time with accessplanit

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  • 40% reduction in time spent on administration

  • Real-time course booking for 55,000 employees across 650 stores

  • In-depth and accurate reporting module speeds up business decisions

Musgrave Group is a retail and wholesale business with household brands including Budgens, Londis and MACE. With a £4.5bn turnover, the company employs 55,000 staff in Spain, Ireland and the UK. Staff training and development across all 650 stores relied on an outdated system and spreadsheets - unsustainable for a modern-day multinational business.

So we...

Maximised efficiencies by studying current business processes and tailoring our system modules to the client's every need. This ensured that the issues of tracking learners' progress and a reduction of manual administration were directly addressed at the earliest possible stage.

At the same time, this tailored approach ensured a smooth transition and a way to scale the system as Musgrave Group expands.

According to the client…

 ‘accessplanit software is saving us about 40% in processing time. However, we would expect it to save us more time going forward.’

Our flexible training management system has resulted in a 40% reduction in admin time. The client now has superior business insights and in-depth reporting. This enables management teams to focus on the challenge of planning vital business expansion.

 ‘The service so far in terms of rollout has been excellent including the follow-up support we received from the support team. We are extremely happy with the service we have received from accessplanit.’

Emma Hayes, Head of Training, The Musgrave Group


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