Integrating Moodle with accessplanit

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The benefits of integrating Moodle with accessplanit


Sync Your Delegates

When a user books a course on accessplanit, their details are automatically updated on Moodle


Create Courses Once

Create your courses in accessplanit, and get them sent straight to your Moodle system


Update Your Dates

Course dates have changed? No problem - update them in accessplanit, and Moodle will update automatically!


Reduce Human Error

With an integration that does the work for you, you don't have to worry about incorrect information populating your Moodle


No More Duplicates

Our Moodle Integration won't pass over delegates who already exist in your Moodle system


Get Delegate Scores

Delegates who complete an eLearning course in Moodle will have their scores sent to accessplanit

About the Moodle Integration module

Virtual Learning Environments such as Moodle are a popular tool for training companies when it comes to letting their delegates submit their coursework, play their eLearning packages, and keep track of their learning.

accessplanit's Moodle Integration module allows you to link your accessplanit system to your Moodle platform. So when your delegates book onto your accessplanit courses, they're automatically updated in Moodle!


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