Foster Melliar reduces time spent on processing bookings by 50%

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"We would never gamble our core business on a system or solution that we were not 100% comfortable with or that would not grow with us as we grow into the future."

Established in 1991, Foster Melliar is a subsidiary of Morvest Business Group. They provide business support training services and offer a variety of training courses including IT Service Management, Governance Compliance, IT Technical Training and Project Management Training. Before using a training management system, Foster Melliar faced challenged with slow manual administration processes that was leading to customer service issues and delays. accessplanit software has allowed them to automate all of their manual administration processes and booking forms which has helped to improve their customers’ experience.

Find out how Foster Melliar:

  • Use CRM and marketing tools to segment and target with campaigns and promotions
  • Reduced administration by over 50%
  • Improved customer service with online booking and real-time information
  • Have instantly accessible information to make informed business decisions

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