Delta KN Sees International Growth with accessplanit

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  • Introduction of an adaptable training management system

  • Multilingual training ensures consistent worldwide training

  • Ability to upload course materials and information in customised portals


Delta KN is a specialist learning agency focused on training those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. They felt that a lack of learning management system was limiting their potential for growth.

So we...

Implemented multilingual online portals that benefit Delta KN's international delegates. These adaptable, localised portals feature full course material upload capabilities, which received great feedback.

‘We regard accessplanit as a partner. It was never about procuring a product. We were looking for a company with the right attitude and vision. accessplanit never say ‘we can’t do that’ if it’s not currently possible they develop a solution and make it happen. We are delighted with the relationship.’

We worked closely with the client to provide in-depth reporting tools. This allows greater business intelligence when expanding their business and course offerings.

According to the client...

‘Our partnership with accessplanit helps us secure a competitive advantage. The accessplanit system definitely adds value to our business. Training programmes can be presented throughout the world in multiple languages at the touch of a button; it offers us and our clients a global learning platform.’

By delivering a completely flexible training management system, suited to the individual needs and expectations of global delegates, Delta KN was able to expand their international course offerings and attract a wider audience.

‘We provide expertise in a very specialist training environment and now have a full-service solution which adds value to our clients.’

 Steve Wilson, MD, Delta KN


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