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How Can Content Marketing Benefit Your Training Company?

How many training companies currently engage in content marketing as part of their marketing strategy? This is information I don’t have, but my guess is probably more than I think, but fewer than could or should be! The information I do have is taken from the third annual Content Marketing in the UK 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends and produced from UK for-profit marketers.

One of the most prominent findings in this year’s survey is that UK marketers have become much more focused on their goals for content marketing—and those goals have changed. The percentage of marketers who say lead nurturing is a goal, for example, has nearly tripled, and engagement has surpassed brand awareness as the most often cited goal. This indicates the importance of content marketing and many training companies have certainly identified the benefits!

So how can content marketing benefit your company? Well aside from learning more about the training industry and demonstrating your expertise, content marketing strategies such as blogs, articles and reports are a great way to engage customers and build awareness of your training course! Many training companies are appealing to customers curiosities by answering some of their questions and providing more information about the industry. This saves time for potential contacts and helps them in deciding which training companies they would like to pursue. We've identified some of the main reasons why content marketing is so important in attracting the right sort of attention.

Why is content marketing so important for training companies?

Building awareness of your courses and expertise in a specific area

By creating blogs, articles or reports that interest your readers, you can demonstrate awareness of your expertise. As training companies are well aware, clients buy into expertise and if they see the trainer or training business as an expert in their chosen subject, whether this be health and safety, engineering or leadership, they will be far more inclined to explore your courses in more detail. Relevant articles may not lead directly to a sale, but it will definitely help in building awareness of your training company and exposing your business to a wider community.

Engaging with current and potential customers

Building relationships with customers is crucial in generating long-term, lasting bonds. This means focusing on customer retention and satisfaction rather than taking a sales-dominant approach. By identifying some of your customers’ curiosities and challenges, you can engage their interest and meet their needs. This can be achieved by posting short blog posts answering some of your customers' frequently asked questions. It is also a good idea to post relevant information about your industry especially if it affects your customers! By doing this, you can become a trusted source of information and expert advice, so clients are more likely to value your opinion.

Driving website traffic

If you can gain potential customers’ interest through relevant blogs and articles, you can draw them into your website where they are more likely to find out more about your training offering. This will increase awareness of your courses and interest in your business. This is particularly valuable when clients are either involved or concerned with your industry. Appealing to everyone won't do any good so it is important to gain the right kind of attention. This means offering useful information and resources and gaining genuine interest in return.

To use as a sales tool by adding additional value

By demonstrating your expertise, you can not only offer information about the training industry, but you can also highlight the benefits of your courses. This could be used by existing customers as a platform for hints and tips to get the most out of your courses. It could also engage new customers who are interesting in finding out a little more. Either way, it is a great way to improve your overall offering and share your knowledge and expertise with interested individuals within the industry.

So, is it important?

I guess the answer is that for training businesses, content marketing has a role to play as part of the overall sales process. Of course, content marketing alone will not lead to a direct increase in sales but there are many benefits of integrating this into your overall marketing strategy.  If you are currently considering content marketing and would like to find out more, then download our short content for training companies guide for an overview.

Content marketing for training companies

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