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Why We Introduced Lunch & Learn - And Your Business Should Too

It all started when we were a training company. We needed dedicated training management software that would allow us to efficiently track and manage courses, resources, trainers and delegates. But with no realistic options out there on the market, we developed our own course management system. That decision, over 20 years ago, was the beginning of our drive to ‘learn and improve’ – a core accessplanit value. It’s a commitment we’ve maintained ever since, 

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7 Expert Quotes To Transform the Way You Run Your Training Business

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We’re always on the hunt for new ways to expand and improve…well, everything, really – from what we do to how we do it. So, when our Managing Director, Dave Evans, jetted off to the annual SaaSTr Annual event in sunny San Francisco, I took the opportunity to pick his brains. 

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How to Deal With Last-Minute Training Course Cancellations

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What do you do when you have to cancel a training course or learning event last minute? Coordinating trainers, delegates and your course calendar can be a daunting task. With the UK weather as temperamental as it is, It seems appropriate to explore what you can do to address last-minute cancellations without upsetting your delegates.   

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What Defines a Technology Leader? [Biggest Challenges Revealed]

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Turing. Jobs. Gates. It’s names like these that one tends to think as leaders in technology. Big names. World-changing names. The names of visionaries who made technology the dominating superpower it is today. Musk. Bezos. Wozniak. Don’t want to forget them!

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What We Can Learn About Automation from Technology Leaders

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We may only be one month into the year, but already ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’ are fast becoming the buzzwords of 2017. And with good reason, since automated technologies are already revolutionising almost every aspect of our lives; at home, at work, at play…

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Here Is A Method That Helps University Of The Arts Increase Profits

Training management software can be used in various ways to increase profits, improve course delivery, automate communication along with numerous other benefits. Our previous blogs in the series have explored how a training management system are used by companies such as Northamptonshire Police, London Leisure College, Citizens Advice Service and Mace Business School. This blog takes a look at how automating administration has helped University of the Arts London increase profits year on year.

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How To Successfully Lead Employees In Times Of Organisational Change

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Following our previous blog 'Don't Fear Organisational Change' which highlighted the key misconceptions and benefits of a new business strategy, we have provided some top tips on how to successfully lead employees in times of organisational change. When you’re thinking about any kind of business change, it is crucial to ensure that all employees are aware and involved in the process. Change can sometimes be daunting if not everyone is aware of what’s going on so it's important to keep everyone in the loop.

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3 Common Misconceptions About New Business Systems

Many companies blindly follow “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mantras, but how can you adapt to broader business changes if you’re stuck in old habits and routines? Many businesses have been employing the same administration methods for years and haven’t recognised the benefits of the adapting technology in the market. But in many cases change can be a good thing! This blog post addresses some common change misconceptions.  

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How Citizens Advice Use Training Management Software To Manage Events

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How versatile can a training management system really be? This 10 part series looks at the varied ways a course management system can be utilised. The third in the series, this blog focuses on how Citizens Advice used training management software to run their Annual General Meeting.  

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Measure Training Business Success With Effective Reporting

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What is a report? Given the recent controversy surrounding Oxford Dictionaries I thought it only suitable to get a definition straight from there. Oxford Dictionaries defines a report as to ‘give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated’. As businesses we all do it. But how do we know that we are doing it effectively and that we are using the information for maximum benefit?

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