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PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication: The Benefits For You And Your Customers

PSD2 is an EU Directive, to regulate payment services and payment service providers, throughout the EU and  EEA.  Initially, the new PDS2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations were set to come into force on 19th September 2019, with many elements of the PSD2 already entered-into application across the EU on 13 January 2018.

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6 Essential Metrics You Need to Track to Grow Your Training Business

Is your training business effective? We’re not just living in a data-driven world anymore; we’re data-soaked, and experts reckon that around 90% of the information swirling around was created in the last couple of years. And, used correctly, that data offers an unrivalled opportunity for training companies to enhance their course offerings and increase their bottom line.

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The Data You Need To Run a Successful Training Team

At Everest Conference 2018, our very own Matthew Smalley delivered a presentation on the importance of data for training companies and provided us with an insight into the  impact it can have on businesses. With today’s technology it is possible to analyse data and get answers from it almost immediately, providing training teams with the essential information they need to make critical business decisions. 

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How Automation Can Help Your Training Business Comply With the GDPR

It's less than two months until the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. On May 25th, 2018, businesses around the globe will be processing data in a whole new way - with the threat of increased fines for non-compliance.

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Data Breach: What to Do When You’re Attacked

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It's critical, in this data-soaked world, to keep your data secure. Confidential delegate or employee details, such as names, addresses and even biometric details, need to be under lock and key - with access granted only to those who really need it. Whether you're using spreadsheets or dedicated software for training companies, the rules around the data you hold on delegates, and how you use it, are about to change.

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The 3 E's of Training Company Data: Efficient, Ethical, Effective

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Data is everywhere. As we've pointed out before, IBM estimate that we collectively produce around 2.5 exabytes of data every day. That's 2.5 billion gigabytes; or 156,250,000 16GB iPods.

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New Feature: Restrictive Reporting Is A Thing Of The Past

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Ever get the feeling that you’re missing out on something? Our new training success platform - designed to reduce training admin - is bursting with features, around 50% of them suggested by our existing customers, so I thought it timely to introduce one of the must crucial features that I believe will change the way training professionals work.

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Measure Training Business Success With Effective Reporting

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What is a report? Given the recent controversy surrounding Oxford Dictionaries I thought it only suitable to get a definition straight from there. Oxford Dictionaries defines a report as to ‘give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated’. As businesses we all do it. But how do we know that we are doing it effectively and that we are using the information for maximum benefit?

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How Can Automating Processes Benefit Your Finance Team?

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When introducing a new process, system or solution into a business it is imperative that all members of the organisation buy in to the chosen method. Priorities differ from role to role making it important to understand individual and departmental needs. It is also key to identify what the benefits would be to yourself and your team. The first in the series, this blog will be taking a look at advantages of an automated system for the Finance department. 

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How Can Feedback Improve Your Training Company?

“How do I know if my training courses are actually successful?” The question that is on all training and learning and development professionals' lips. This post looks at tried and tested methods of gathering and utilising quality feedback as well as exploring the key differences between the traditional happy sheet and online surveys. Once good quality feedback has been gathered it is all about using it effectively to make improvements for delegates as well as to the bottom line.

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