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What You Missed at Everest Conference 2018: The Training Industry Event

Last week, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome a range of top training professionals to Lancaster for Everest Conference 2018. With a tagline of 'Where Training Teams Come to Scale', the event delivered expert insights to help professionals throughout the training industry scale their business to new heights. 

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3 New Ways to Generate More Survey Responses

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It has never been of more importance to collect and use feedback to improve your training. With increased competition, the need to train delegates more effectively and more consumer power than ever, implementing meaningful feedback is the best way to improve your course offerings and, ultimately, deliver the type of training your delegates love while confirming that your training is adding value.

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accessplanit Launches New Team Space After Record Growth

It’s finally ready. After several months of hush-hush secrecy and far too many late nights staring at blueprints and design plans, we’re incredibly pleased to announce that  accessplanit has a beautiful, brand new office space: The Hub. We wanted to provide a place where the team  can come  each day to have fun, get things done their way and most of all, somewhere that they can be proud to be part of!

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What Generation Z Means for the Training Industry

We've heard plenty about millennials over the past few years and how their attitudes and desires have changed the way we train. But are you prepared for the next generation? Generation Z are coming to an office near you. 

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Customer Service: What to Look For In Your Software Supplier

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Customer service is a key success factor when evaluating and selecting a software supplier. And, it is becoming more and more important as organisations try to differentiate themselves from the competition. But what makes great customer service? What should your training organisation be looking for in a software supplier? Let's start with the essentials...

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Is Your Customer’s Journey Everything It Can Be?

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Do you know what journey a learner takes with you? Is it simple and seamless or convoluted and confusing? It can be challenging for any training company to ensure that their customers’ journeys flow smoothly. However, the benefits for both your business and your customers are clear. 

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7 Tips for Excelling in a Competitive Training Industry

Each year, the training world seems to get just a little bit more competitive, doesn't it? That's certainly the view of 42% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report (get your copy right here), who claimed that the biggest challenge to running a successful training business was increased competition. So, how can you combat against the rising tide of rivals?

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Reputation, Referrals and Remarketing: How Training Companies Can Ensure Repeat Bookings

How do you drum up business? How does your company stand out from the crowd? If you’re anything like the training organisations we surveyed for our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018, then you probably feel that the most effective marketing methods are… Reputation and referrals.

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7 Ways You Should Be Using Feedback To Enhance Courses And Grow Your Training Business

‘It’s all part of the learning curve.’ How many times have you heard that? And how many times does that curve descent into a flat-line because someone in your organisation failed to take into account precisely what it was that was learnt in the first place?

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Why Software Implementation Fails – and How to Ensure Your Success

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Remember when you were hyped about the new software your business was implementing? You were so excited about taking the hard work out of managing your courses, taking online bookings and payment and automating marketing communications. And remember that crushing disappointment and frustration when everything – well, almost everything – went wrong? The increased workload, the irate phone calls jamming up the helpdesk, and your employees at a loss as to what to do. In short: Absolute carnage.

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