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7 Reasons Why a CRM Will Boost Your Sales and Marketing Campaign

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7 ways a CRM will boost your sales and marketing efforts:

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Guide to Switching Software: The Whys and the Hows

We're frequently reminded that we should be switching. Switch your savings account for higher interest rates; switch energy supplier for cheaper gas and electricity; switch insurance providers for lower cost premiums...But what about changing your software supplier?

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Software Jargon Simplified: TMS, CRM, LMS, SaaS, ERP, CMS

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TMS, LMS, CMS, CRM, ERP, SaaS, all these acronyms are around in modern software systems and tech, but what do they all mean? There is much confusion surrounding software today and even more confusion as to identifying the right software solution for your business. Here is a general overview of some of the different types of software tech on the market and which one may be most suitable for your needs.

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Can A CRM Run Your Training Business?

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You’ve got your shiny new CRM up and running. It’s great for keeping on top of your ever increasing amount of leads and prospecting new ones but now you’re having trouble with the administration of the courses that you’re pitching. The main issue with a CRM for training providers is that delegate information is often out of context and not logically linked to the courses that you run.

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